Dear Santa

****If you are looking for a gift idea, feel free to use the letter below to get some ideas for E. Please don’t feel that it is necessary to get her a gift off the list (or even a gift at all!) –these are just jumping points to give you ideas of the type of toys she is playing with.

Dear Santa:

I have been a very good girl this year. I have done a wonderful job listening to my parents and following directions, being kind to my friends, and helping out whenever I can. I’m really excited about Christmas this year. I just wanted you to remember that we are still living in a very small condo. I know you have the best of intentions Santa, but we need to make sure that my gifts are small and will be played with for a long time to come!

Here are some gift ideas if you are having trouble coming up with ideas!

Cute clothes and accessories – I love handmade and one of a kind clothes – do you want to make me some?! I love clothes and love to wear fun things on my shirts (kittens, owls, giraffes, trees, just to name a few!). I love to dress in layers (shorts/skirts over tights, t-shirts over long sleeve shirts) and accessorize (soft hair bands, bows, etc).

 I love to play with my toys. Currently I like to play with dolls (mama makes me my favorite dolls but I wouldn’t mind some gnomes or other fun small dolls!) I love Bella, my baby doll and would love to have another cute outfit for her!

I like to build villages and castles with my blocks and wind my train through them. I’d like to add some fun wooden trees  or stacking toys to my set. I also love wooden animals and people to play with! I like fun, imaginative toys like parachute people, sail boats, yoyos, tops, and sand toys. I love art supplies, especially markers, liquid watercolors, and stickers. I love music and like to play with my keyboard and recorder. I’m interested in hitting things and would love a xylophone.

I am really an outdoor girl. I like to catch bugs and go camping! I would love my own personal kid-sized sleeping bag for all those camping trips that I’ll be going on next summer!

Thank you Santa, for all you do this time of year!



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