Happy Advent

“We light one candle shining bright
Upon this Holy Advent Night….”
– M. T. Schunemann

Advent is a beautiful time of year. I love the waiting for Christmas (which starts on December 25 and continues to January 6). It’s the one season of the year that I really actually do a good job at sharing with little E. Because of my work schedule, we got a head start at decorating this year and did the decorating of the tree last night.

As you can see, our tree was put up by a little princess. (She loves this princess dress – we are lucky. It is not itchy, the fabric is soft – most dresses you can buy from a store are both itchy and crinkly. ) 

E’s first time ice skating! And she liked it so much she wants to go again! It was only my third time to go ice skating – I don’t know if it was a good idea to go and try to teach her to skate or not…. 🙂 It was definately an experience and we will be repeating it. We were out on the ice for a good hour or so. E and I worked on falling and “walking” on the ice. We loved it and had a great time as a family.

A forgotten picture from Thanksgiving – E was my big helper taking the seeds and strings out of the mini pumpkins we got from our CSA. She did a great job! Here are a few more pictures from our weekend.


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