A Crafty Update

  • yummy maple marshmallows – it’s really easy – come on people and make your own!
  • In our (tiny) apartment/condo I’m getting a bread machine. I’m still looking around and deciding which one I’m going to get.
  • We’ve enjoyed our CSA from Grant and highly reccommend them…. but we are not renewing our subscription. “Shopping” in the middle of the week highly disrupts my schedule – I’m a work-and-make-food-on-the-weekend type a girl. Getting my CSA on Wednesday cuts into that.
  • I’m doing a Festivus Swap! YAY! We’re doing the 12 days of Festivus – but doing them BEFORE Christmas instead of after Christmas (when the 12 days of Christmas actually ARE) but I’m excited because it’s a swap that is JUST FOR ME (even though the Festivus and the before Christmas aspect of it annoys me….). The gift at the top of the page are the wrapped (and secret) gifts!
  • Christmas is coming up! I’m busy crafting for the holiday! I *think* I’ll have everything made by the first week in December and ready to send out!
  • Advent is coming! Advent starts November 28. Listed below are some of the ideas that MAY go in our Advent Calendar this year.
  1. Make ornaments (a couple of different kinds on different days)
  2. Make homemade Christmas glitter play dough
  3. Write and illustrate our own Christmas storybook
  4. Make beeswax candles
  5. Take a special treat to a neighbor.
  6. Recycle some toys to share with others.
  7. Go see Santa.
  8. Make thank you notes before they are needed.
  9. Write a list of 10 things you are thankful for this year. Share with your Grandma
  10. Take a walk around the neighborhood in the dark.
  11. create a holiday card to send to a military service member
  12. Make something at a local pottery shop
  13. Make Christmas cookies
  14. Make gifts for the birds.
  15. Create art/craft bags for kids in hospital for the holidays.

~Enjoy your (upcoming) holiday season!~


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