Signs of Autumn

Autumn is almost here. E and I went for a walk to look for signs of autumn and found them everywhere. Almost every tree has patches of yellow, golds, rusts, and oranges. It was beautiful. She loved the hunt to find the “signs of autumn” and showed her papa all the beautiful colors on our family walk last night!

Of course, our walk took us to the river – less than a quarter mile from our house is the Cherry Creek River.

We looked for grasshoppers and butterflies and other treasures.

And did a lot of climbing to get down to the beaches and back up to go exploring more.

And of course, there was playing in the river!

Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the dancing of the trees as the wind sings through the leaves. I love the clouds in the sky. I adore the changing leaves and how the trees turn beautiful before they rest for the winter. I am refreshed, it feels, by autumn and am getting ready for the winter ahead. I’m enjoying the warm sun and the outdoors because winter’s sun is cold.

I hope you are enjoying your autumn.


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