Labor Day Camping

So…. is there anything better than a camping trip? We are lucky to have wonderful neighbors who have helped us remember the joy that is found in the outdoors. The have a lovely piece of property down south of Pueblo, Colorado, which works out to be around a 3 hour drive from where we live. E and I have traveled down there twice before this trip but C was never able to come camping with us. He was finally able to let his boss know enough in advance (I think he let his boss know 2 months in advance!) that he was able to take this weekend off and go with us.

There is something lovely about camping as a family. All the tasks are shared. Food making, cleaning, sleeping, watching the kids play… it’s just a wonderful and easy experience.I had always used food as a reason not to go camping: you CAN camp gluten free. It’s easy. Forgo bread and just do crackers and LOTS of veggies.  We didn’t even bring any chips – just a box of crackers as a “bread” item (for cheese and the like). We did have problems with cross contamination – the brie plate had toast, people had bread on the hand they dipped into olive bowl…. Neither C nor E suffered any adverse reactions so I think we were ok to be lax on the gluten. If we go camping again, I may bring an extra plate to plate up a portion for us so there won’t be any cross contamination. We’ll see how it goes.

Oh. And I was sick the entire weekend. Just a (terrible) head cold, but sick none the less. I survived and am glad we went even though I had a cold!

chopping wood. I think this was C’s favorite part of the trip.

E playing with her friends.

a  great picture of C…. a not so great picture of me!

A  brought his guitar and C played some music on it for us – the first time he’s picked up his guitar in a year! The kids (and I!) loved it!

Playing  in the dark. “There’s a bear!”

On our way home we were tired, hungry and cranky looking for a place to eat on the road. We had traveled for an hour and a half and we still could not find a place that was shady for us to eat. Finally, we pass through this town and there is a great playground for the kids to play at and a shaded picnic area.


Autumn is beginning – I caught a lovely patch of trees out the car window!

Take a picture mama! Grrrr!

How did she do on the 3 hour car ride?  Surprisingly well. Here she is coloring and drawing.


One thought on “Labor Day Camping

  1. It was a fun trip! however, it should be stated that we took the back roads home and what should have added about an hour added about 3 hours. E is the queen of patience. The wood and the guitar were quite fun!!

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