Container Garden 2010

During my haitus, I planted my garden. Here are the pictures:

May 23, 2010

Chives from my neighbors garden.

Basil, basil, peppers, peppers.

Parsley, chives (from last year, they came back!), rosemary, a pot of carrots and radishes.

Herbs: sage, lemon thyme, french thyme, oregano.

Zucchini and cucumber. The squirrels got the cucumber.

Onions (which didn’t sprout), salad bowls, carrots and radishes.

3 pots of strawberries and 1 flower pot.

June 5, 2010

Tomatoes , 3 cherry, 3 regular.

Flower pot –  I added the chives my neighbor gave me to this container.


The sprouts from the salad, carrots, and radishes!



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