Happy Mother’s Day

How was your Mother’s Day? Really? Mine was lovely, thank you. We celebrated Saturday (well, celebrated is a strong word, but we enjoyed Saturday together as a family). We went to Red Rocks and hiked the short trail they have. We’re trying to get Chips to start hiking by herself and she did. She hiked the whole 1.4 mile trail by herself. She LOVED it. She especially liked the snake.

Papa carried her past the hissing snake which then proceed to slide down from it’s little rock and separate the three of us. I’m not to keen on wild things – I don’t know which snakes are poisonous or not so I have a tendency to give all animals of the hissing variety a bit of room. And this reptile was definatly of the hissing variety. He (she?) was not happy to be disturbed – and he (she) thought we were disturbing it.

I finally went WAY around the snake and here is a view of the snake guarding the way, waiting patiently for the next hapless passerby.

Chips loves to climb.

The walkway was line with these gorgeous white flowers. It smelled like a piece of heaven. I can’t even describe how lovely it was to walk in the middle of bushes on both sides and have the smell waft down. Anyone recognize what the plant is? Whatever it is, it smells lovely in May!

Comeon – I’m hiking. Stop taking pictures!

It was one of those lovely days. What a captivating life!


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