Teacher Appreciation Week

Chips has two amazing teachers who work gently with her, watch her for 40 hours a week, teach her to play with other children, complete art activities, work with letters and numbers, and just all around BE with her. They have been with her for two years and I am more than a little thankful that Chips has been able to have such strong women as influences in her life. We are lucky to have our preschool (if you are in the Denver area, I highly recommend the school – shoot me a comment with your email and I’ll send you the recommendation!) and, while I hope her teachers know that we are thankful ALL THE TIME, Teacher Appreciation Week is a perfect time to make a clear statement of how we feel.

In our quest for simple living, I wanted to share something that I put time and effort in for her teachers. I did not have time OR effort to put into a gift for her teachers this time around. Somehow, Thursday night had rolled around and I still did not have anything for her teachers. I had put in a LONG day, full of manual labor (um, hello, I’m used to working with students and completing paperwork! Not working my schools plant sale!) and there were some issues at home that needed to be ironed out. I was tired (exhausted) and ready to go to sleep. I didn’t know what I was going to make for her teachers that would share my values of simplicity and frugality.

Then, I remembered – last summer I had crocheted a few “soap savers”, a washcloth that you could place a  bar of soap in. I also have a cabinet full of homemade soap. Instant, easy gift. 


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