Week in Review

I didn’t have the camera for the majority of the week – and then when I DID have the camera, all I could get a picture of was Chips running around naked. So, this week is going to be slim on pics! We did have a blast today though….

I’m not taking a picture for you. You can’t make me.

Baby Girl, Baby Girl, what do you see?

Mama, stop making me take pictures. Please.

A duck looking for food.

A springtime bubble blowing adventure.

I love blogs. I don’t know how I would have survived in years past when diaries were a private affair. I love the voyeuristic feel of reading intimate details about someone’s life. I love reading someone else’s approach to creativity. I love blogs about food, I love blogs about families, I love blogs about simple living. I love reading about what other people think and feel about life. I like happy blogs, but am fine with interesting blogs. It’s my way of living vicariously through other people.

I love her blog. I love the photo of her and her love, so happy. It’s the ultimate happy story: Her first marriage failed (ok, really, really sad BUT), and she surrounded herself with good. I’m sure it’s not perfect, but it’s better than ok. At least the story is.

Here’s a collective that has some great information on simple living.

I spin yarn – not very fast, and not very often. But pulling out my spindle is something that calms me, soothes my soul. It’s a practice in meditation. My yarn does not come out this great!

Speaking of crafting, I’m considering knitting a top. I’m going to be considering it for a while seeing as I’m still knitting my second pair of socks. I envy those who can just sit and knit non stop all year around – I mix it up with spinning, painting, crocheting…. and then just playing online looking at blogs!

And while I’m on the the subject of crafting – I want to take this class from my favorite craft store. I’m scared to sew zippers and could use a refresher on darts. All while making myself a shirt. Sewing a shirt is much quicker than knitting one! And while I was searching for more about the designer of another class I want to take at Fancy Tiger, I came across this cool crafting blog!


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