We are now owners of a cow!

Yup. We own a cow. Or part of a cow. We went up to the farm on Sunday and had a fun time buying our cow over the phone with the very nice, very kind, owner while she was able to help us buy our cow to get our raw milk share. (In the state of Colorado, you are required to “own” a cow if you want to purchase raw milk. So, since we want raw milk we “bought” a cow. We don’t receive anything but milk from our cow – which is great because I don’t really want to clean up after a 3 year old AND a cow!

I took lots and lots of pictures of Chips with the cows and running away scared out of her mind of the dog… unfortunately we lost the camera. I really want to replace my camera with this one…. or if we’re really dreaming, I’d go for this one. Here’s a secret…. I don’t want to find our camera – I want a reason to buy me a shiny, new, fancy, camera.

If wishes were pennies… Ah, well.



Chips hid the camera! She grabbed the camera took a few incriminating photographs and then proceeded to hide the camera in the back of the car! Crazy child! Here are some photographs from the trip to the farm.


4 thoughts on “We are now owners of a cow!

  1. I just found your blog through the Denver AP board. We just started with cow shares from Twin Mountain and also have been going to In Season lately, I feel like we might be shadowing each other somewhere in Denver. Have you been down to the Denver Urban Homesteading Farmer’s Market?

    • No – I’ll have to check them out though. It’s kinda cool to know that we have been “following” each other around to do all our shopping and stuff! I thought about going with Twin Mountain – how is their milk? Johnson’s acres tastes like – MILK! I don’t know what I was expecting. 😉 Have a good day

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