In Season Local Market

I blogged last week that I had just heard about this new store that only sourced food from within 250 miles. That’s a great idea, I thought to myself. I like to support local: I’m not zealous about it, but if there are 2 items in a similar price range and one is local I’d rather get that one. As a person on a budget I did go over budget with this shopping trip – but not too much.

From left to right, top to bottom here’s what I bought at In Season Local Market:

1/2 lb Kale 1.44

1 lb Green Beans 5.50

1 quart cream 4.50

1 half gallon pasteurized, non homogenized whole milk 2.50

Breakfast Sausage 6.50

1/4 lb Pea Shoots 4.00

1/2 lb Shiitake Mushrooms 5.6

Super hot, local Salsa 5.50

2 dozen pastured eggs 4.75 each

I have joined a CSA through Grant Family Farms and will be getting each dozen of eggs for $3 come June…. and a fruit and a veggie share. I should have to buy very little come then! I’m so excited! That will be local AND organic. The store was cute, clean and nice – though there were shelves of bread so there was probably minimal gluten contamination. I’m not worried about that, but for those who are I just wanted to lay that out. There was a friendly atmosphere in the store – a kind gentleman bought a lady her cookies so she wouldn’t have to stand in line again, the owner/cashier shared a bit on cooking the shiitake mushrooms with me, and another customer mentioned a recipe that she was using for her produce. It was the type of place where if we didn’t have dietary restrictions and a budget I would be shopping there for EVERYTHING. As it is, I will continue to shop there weekly – milk and cream (we’ve been making our own butter for over a month now but it was with milk from IOWA. Now we’ve got a local source!) and odds and ends.


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