Week in Review

The camera did not make it out with us until this weekend. Here is Crazy with fingerpuppets on both hands. Don’t you just adore her hair?!

A good day. She was determined to have one. She loves climbing and jumping. Adores it.

What does this cute one wear bicycling? The best shoes ever! No ties, no velcro, and all sparkles. She adores these shoes.

Here’s my favorite frugal item this week – Homemade, french press coffee with cream and Kahlua. Yum. I’m loving spring nights!

My new favorite band was featured on one of my all time favorite programs – All Things Considered. Check them out.

We bought Chips an outfit for Bella from this Etsy seller. We have been very pleased with the workmanship and the outfit.

We ate out! We ate Gluten Free at Breakfast on Broadway. I recommend skipping the gluten free johnny cakes (they were gummy and we couldn’t even get them down) and running towards their pancakes. They are a gluten free Godsend! They are the best gluten free pancakes we’ve had at a restaurant (so far).

I am dying to try out this local food store. I might just take my little girl up there this week and see what we can see!

I’ve signed us up on a waitlist to (finally) get raw milk from Johnson Acres. But I’m still looking – I would love to have raw milk sooner, rather than later. I’m going to call Twin Mountain Milk on Monday since I’ve gotten a good review from another local raw milker. Personally, I think it’s sad that instead of regulating our milk/produce/meat and making the farmer take care of the animals (IE – keep poop out of the milk, let the animals move and eat what they are suppossed to) the government says “lets cook the milk, add anti bacterial cleaning products to the meat!” Yay. That’s sounds just great. But I digress, don’t I?


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