I have (today) stumbled on a great blog – The Local Cook. I have never thought about how my Food and Faith intermix – it’s never been something I thought about. I want healthy, fresh food because I want to be healthy. She, and many of the readers who have joined her journey have some wonderful thoughts about how food and faith intermix. Check it out.

A while back I posted about watching FOOD INC. – Check out my post on the movie. Here’s an update on the changes we have made since watching the movie.

We eat more conventional fruits and veggies. Now, this  may sound odd (it is odd) but there is a very good reason why: We eat ONLY organic meats and meat parts. We ordered a large order of organic beef and we get organic chickens from Costco. We try to eat the dirty dozen fruits and veggies organic.

My personal goal: I will buy a set of placeware for my work so I will not use paper or plastic at work.

Shared with the Food and Faith Challenge.


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