What is this? This will NEVER fit any definition of healthy – carbs, fat and sugar grace the walls of these delectable treats. But they DO fall under the catagory of


Mochi (mo-chee, long o like doe). An amazing super(easy)food. You can use it to make a casserole, use it to make a sweet treat. Here is a sweet treat I love to make with mochi.

  • 1 package mochi, cut into 8 strips, each strip cut into 8 squares or so (1/2 -1 inch squares is what I aim for)
  • frying oil
  • honey
  • ground cinnamon (I grind my cinnamon in a motor and pestal)
  • sprinkle salt

Heat your oil, fry your mochi in batches, drain. Be careful not to let the mochi touch each other – they will stick together and you will have a double mochi monster! Place on your plate and drizzle with honey a VERY light sprinkle of salt and cinnamon.


Shared with Pennywide Platter and Fight Back Friday!


2 thoughts on “Mochi

  1. We are gluten free too and love Mochi, I’ve never thought of doing anything other than baking it to puff up and enjoying it! We might have to try this (or at least for the kids) even though I don’t normally fry anything. I’m wondering about frying it in a skillet with a tiny bit of coconut oil… sounds interesting!

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