There’s just something special

about working with the little one. Now, I’m not going to lie – there are times when she drives me pretty near crazy. Like on Saturday when I was working on 3 projects at one time and making butter AND  she dropped a spice jar into the butter….. but there were no pictures of that. So I guess it’s not bloggable! 😉

But Chips LOVES cooking. Adores it. We will set her stepstool (umm, notice that it’s no longer MY stepstool – it’s hers!) and she will cook with us. She is really good at not touching hot pans (well she learned that things are hot her way) and following our directions. I don’t feel that cooking is a difficult or scary thing – it just takes more time with her around. And when I sit here and complain that I don’t have time, these are the times that I remind myself will be her memories. Do I want her to remember her mother frantic because dinner wasn’t on the table at x time? Or, do I want her to remember making the meal with her papa? It’s my choice.

And the garden is coming back! Our local nursery has a sale going on where you get a small 4 pack when you make any purchase. We got some tomatoes when they were tiny, repotted them and  hope they will grow big and strong by the middle of May (our last frost date)! Chips loves to help bring them out each day to enjoy the bright sunshine.

I love spring!


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