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We had a lovely Easter to follow a wonderful spring break (for me at least!) On Saturday, my little family packed up and went to a friends house to dye Easter eggs. Is there anything better than 2 little girls playing with crayons and eggs? I think not!

We went to the park with our friends and everyone had fun climbing to the highest towers, swinging from swings, and bouncing our hearts out. It’s always a fun time when adults can play and be kids again.

Easter morn, we three woke up at 4 am to go to Easter at Red Rocks. It was lovely. There is little better than watching the sun rise at one of the most beautiful locations on earth. Well, at least in Denver. We went home and enjoyed a leisurely Easter egg hunt and recieved small gifts in our basket. C and I got each other new wallets (since we both needed them anyways) and Chip’s doll – Bella recieved a new shirt. She also recieved a set of dolls I made in the design of our family.

We played outside all day and only went in to get the lamb roast in the oven and to take it out. It was a wonderful Easter.

Happy Spring, Happy Easter EVERYONE!


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