Lasater Grasslands Beef

We recieved 72 lbs of beef to place in our small detached freezer this Wednesday from Lasater Grasslands Beef. They are a non certified organic Coloradan ranch specializing in Beef in all shapes and forms. They were written about in The Organic Cooks Bible and comes highly recommended from a variety of sources.

The Verdict (aka review of Lasater Grasslands Beef):

Pros –

  • Great meat at a great price
  • Smaller (much smaller) than a half a side of beef – it will actually FIT in our freezer
  • Environmentally friendly, freezer paper wrapping
  • Clearly labled packages
  • Everything stayed frozen, even waiting all day for me to get home from work!

Cons –

  • Some of the ground beef was banged up and the freezer paper was ripped
  • Freezer paper wrapped meat is iffy to me – will it stand the test of time in the freezer?
  • It still came out to $6.24 a pound for the meat. I get that’s a good price for organic beef – BUT that’s not as frugal as I would like it to be. And I can get organic, local ground beef for 3.75 a lb at a coop.
  • It came in a styrofoam cooler – but it remained frozen – I just hate to put styrofoam into the landfill. 😦

All, in all, I’m excited about our order and I KNOW we are doing the right thing for our family. It’s just hard to shell out the money for good food – even knowing that we’ll be eating less meat in the long run!

Amount of Beef we received this week – 2.12 = 2 lbs, 12 oz.

Box 1
Backribs 2.12
Short Ribs 2.01
Soup Bone 1.15
Chuck Roast 3.06
Rump Roast 3.09
Top Round 1.06
Stew Meat 1.01 1.01
New York Steak 0.09 0.1
Rib Eye 0.09 0.12
Ground Beef 15.15

Pikes Peak Roast 3.15
Pot Roast 3.12
English Roast 3.08
Top Round 1.02
Skirt Steak 0.15
Top Sirloin 0.15
Sirloin Tip 0.14
Soup Bone 1.11
New York Steak 0.1 0.1
Rib Eye 0.11 0.12
Ground Beef 17.01

I participated in the Nourishing Gourmet’s Pennywise Platter and Food Renegade’s Fight Back Friday!


3 thoughts on “Lasater Grasslands Beef

  1. Freezer paper or butcher paper is your best bet for long term storage. I've had beef stored both in ziploc bags & butcher paper and the one in the butcher paper comes out looking perfectly fresh while the ziploc always ends up with ice crystals.

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