Rhythm of the Home

I am constantly in search of articles, stories, blogs and activities that I, as a full time work out of the home mom can use to cherish my child and encourage creativity with her. I have started a schedule and have been using organization as tools to encourage her development. Our house is as natural and non commercial as I can stand – we try to limit her consumption, but that is difficult as *I* also have to limit my consumption! She paints on a weekly basis and takes part in science often, but I NEED more ideas for her to do. I need ideas on how to be a mindful parent. I need to remember that I don’t need to consume. I need to connect with like minded parents. Rhythm of the Home provides that. When you have a moment, check them out – whether you have children or not. Many of the ideas can be used for anyone of any age!

Check their blog out right now – they are doing a cool giveaway!


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