Food Inc

I will never look at food the same way again.

I have known for a while about the horrors associated with the food industry. Who HASN’T seen the bumper sticker for v*gans with the sick looking cow saying “EAT THIS”. But it is so easy to just turn the other way. There are aisles of food – I’ve taken to believing that if I stick to the outside of the supermarket – meats and veggies mainly, I’d be missing out on all the crap that is in packaged candy, chips, sodas, etc.

I couldn’t be more wrong. There is no reprieve from the repressive evils of the American food system. Do I sound dramatic? 😉 Ok. This is a little dramatic. But, unfortunately, also true. Since we have gone gluten/dairy free, we’ve eaten more meat. And in doing so I’ve placed toxins like none other in my families bodies. Meat toxins.

The movie…. Well, Food Inc. was vastly entertaining. It was educational, but it also (I have to tell the truth) viewed a little like a scare tactic film. “Let’s be as bold, loud and scary and get people to change their ways.” I would have rather have more documentary and intelligent conversation than scare tactics. But I get where they are coming from. I highly doubt I would be writing this right now if I didn’t feel an immediate sense of urgency from the film. That urgency comes from being saddened and sickened from the film.

I know I will be making a change in my life. I hope you’ll at least watch the film and make a decision for yourself.


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