Handmade Goatsmilk Soap Recipe

handmade goatsmilk soap,handmade brown sugar scrub,handmade spa soak

I love a beautiful basket of handmade items. When you make things by hand, remember: Presentation is EVERYTHING! A bar of soap is just a bar of soap, but if you wrap it in tulle, or muslin, or an artfully frayed flannel shirt, it just looks divine. In the picture above is also a homemade brown sugar scrub and an oil based bath salt soak. I packaged them with the same scents – I thought it looked nice!

Here’s my personal recipe! This is a recipe that I tweaked from Miller Soap (THE website I recommend to newbies) There are many recipes out there – be careful though and make sure you run the recipe through a LYE CALULATOR (The Sage is my favorite).

These are Basic Soap Directions. Be sure to read information on making soap, use the safety precautions you find important and be informed before you start. Soapmaking can be EXTREMELY dangerous if you do not respect the LYE. Always have white vinegar nearby to neutralize the vinegar. A WONDERFUL BEGINNER website is Miller Soap. She gives amazing information for a beginner – I’m starting on the belief that you already know the safety precautions, etc for soapmaking. I take no responsibility for your soapmaking experiments, nor am I a doctor, etc, etc. I use this exact recipe for my soapmaking and swear by it though! Goatsmilk soothes my dry skin, and – as of yet, I haven’t had any problem with the goatsmilk. Feel free to change the liquid – water and green tea both work. Do NOT use aluminum – check around and research to see what kinds of pots, mixing bowls, utensils to use! I use glass and stainless steel.

6 oz Cocoa Butter
14 oz Coconut Oil
52 oz Olive Oil
16 oz Palm Oil

32 oz goatsmilk frozen until cold and slushy/frozen
11.69 oz lye (Sodium Hydroxide)
Around 4 ounces Essential Oil of your choice

Heavy pot
Immersion blender
Plastic stirring spoon
Soap molds (I started out with shoe boxes lined with wax paper)
Mixing bowl
Digital thermometer
Digital scale
Empty box (big enough for your soap molds)

Melt oils in pot. Be careful NOT to overheat – I melt to about 100-110 F.
Pour goatsmilk into another heat proof bowl. Slowly add lye and – stirring constantly – let the lye cool to 90-110 F.
Pour lye into the pan with oils and stir with immersion blender until trace.
Pour into molds, set in a box.
Place blanket securely around box to trap in heat.
Let sit undisturbed 24-48 hours, carefully cut into soap bars. Be careful, the lye is still active at this stage.
Place in a dark, undisturbed location for 4-6 weeks to cure.

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2 thoughts on “Handmade Goatsmilk Soap Recipe

  1. Beautiful! I love your presentation – the box and the colors – the salt looks like it really goes. Wish I could smell from here. 🙂 I make soap now and then – and have made goat's milk soap once. We're almost out so I guess I better get going on a new batch. 🙂

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