My Food Journey

June 2006-June 2007 we started looking into fresh foods – shopping at Sprouts, trying new vegetables, trying vegetarian, learning about garlic, this was the lead in time for learning about whole foods. We were introduced to food allergies and intolerances through Chris’ mother. She was diagnosed with celiac disease. Unfortunately, at that time, we did not see the importance of following the diet, nor did we take the diagnosis seriously. Isn’t that how it is, you only become involved once you are the one who is affected by a life changing diagnosis. We believed it was a fad – a fact that now seriously embarrasses me to admit.

June 2007 we started hard core with whole grains – homemade whole wheat bread, etc. I found an amazing whole wheat bread recipe and I love it. It was made for a food processor and was super easy. I’m sure someone can figure out how to use sprouted grains or whatnot with the recipe. I’ll try to post it here, even though, my family has not made this recipe for a year and a half now! It worked great at high altitudes though (Denver) and made great dinner rolls and pizza dough – it was my all around basic dough. Can you tell I’m still not over loosing this as my basic go to….

In February 2008 Chris was diagnosed with celiac disease. We went through a time where we ate anything we *could* – starchy gluten free cinnamon rolls, muffins, cookies – whatever just trying to stay on the gluten free diet. It was life changing and miserable. I was nursing a 1 year old who we think is also a celiac – she got better once gluten was taken out of her diet. But that means, that even though I’m not a celiac, I couldn’t eat gluten either. That probably made it easier for me to stay off gluten than for Chris – I had someone depending on me not to eat gluten to keep them healthy. Chris has a terrible time staying off gluten – there’s nothing at home for him to eat, but he can eat at school or work. It’s terrible not to be able to eat the food you prepare for others or to turn down a candy bar or whatnot his classmates offer him. I joked around at the time of the diagnosis saying “Wouldn’t it be interesting if I discovered a dairy allergy” – halfway making fun of the whole gluten free casein free diets that were out there.

In about Feb 2009, we found out about traditional foods and started jumping into a more TF lifestyle. Raw milk was out of the question, I was working full time, there was no time to stop and pick up a milk share. We did the best we could with a non homogenized, low pasteurized milk I found at a local store. We started cod liver oil and have been off and on with that. I think it feels gross – slick and oily and I have trouble swallowing it. But the little one thinks it’s fine. Go figure. It’s better though, it we wash it down with Elderberry syrup!

In October 2009 I discovered a milk/dairy intolerance. We are still learning about the Gluten free casein free lifestyle that I used to make fun of! Now it IS our life. I do not currently know if I’m able to have limited dairy, goat, cultured dairy – I haven’t added anything back in. I’m basically reveling in how good I feel – I don’t want to try anything that *might* make me sick. I’m sure that one day I’ll want to trial items back in but for the time being, I’m happy with NOT trialing things in! One day.

This post is a part of Fight Back Friday!


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