Menu 2009. 11.08

soups with a poached egg
Santa Fe Sweet Potato Soup (crockpot and done!)
Cumin Flavored Black Bean Soup (crockpot to throw in on Tuesday)

m- pizza
pulled pork Sandwich – bread cooked Sunday and Pulled Pork, crockpot on Monday
t- pizza
Sweet Potato Shephards Pie
w – pizza
African Style Braised chicken
r – aftican style braised chicken (leftovers)
pulled pork sandwhiches (leftovers)
f – chicken meatballs (freezer)
sloppy joes ?
s – leftover sloppy joes

gluten free apple/cranberry bread – just pulled from the oven! yum
pumpkin…. something – just cooked a pumpkin down so I need to find something to do! Maybe pumpkin pie…..maybe a yummy pumpkin chai bread…. this pie looks yummy….

We’ll see! Here’s to hoping for a wonderful week!


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