How to store lettuce

Salad. It’s one of those great foods that’s both healthy for you and tastes great. I love to buy lovely packages of baby greens, but sometimes a .99 head of lettuce fits in better with my budget. This week a .99 head of green leaf lettuce fit RIGHT in with our budget. Here’s how we make the lettuce last all week.

We didn’t get to the lettuce on the first day. That’s a no – no. I didn’t take a picture of the terrible wilty leaves to show you, but a dip in icy cold water sprung most of the head back to life. Plus the lettuce needs to be washed. I dry my lettuce on a towel, but if you have a salad spinner that is SOOOOOO much easier.

Take a cloth napkin and your container. I use a plastic costco brand container. I would rather use a ziploc bag (gallon size) but I ran out and we haven’t bought more. (In a ziploc you can squeeze out more air – though this way is still better than just leaving the head in the fridge. And yes, the bags are reuseable – for many months.)

Line your container (or bag) with the cloth napkin.

Place freshly washed lettuce in the container.
Cover the top (if it fits – push down on the lettuce to release some of the air. This is not a science though. Any is better than none – just do your best. You’ll find the system that works for you.

Voila! Pop the top on and you’re done. Enjoy fresh lettuce all week.

This also works with the lettuce that you buy precut, the baby lettuce in the plastic bins, etc, and so forth. Enjoy wasting less and having fresher produce.


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