Pumpkin Pictures and Politics

Happy All Souls Day. Well, the day after! It has been quite a week for us here. On Halloween, E decided to thow up all over her new carseat. Fun. So going out was out for us. E and I spent the night watching movies and playing with each other instead of going out and getting lots of candy. Oh well. There’s always next year!

A few weeks ago, E had her picture taken at the Whole Foods “Pumpkin Patch”. I think our photographer did a great job. There wasn’t a way E was going to smile that day – not at a stranger! She also had tons of fun painting a pumpkin with Papa.

My school also had a fall festival. I worked the day away while C and E played.

An amazing balloon artist was there and made E a butterfly on a leash – so cute!I was amazed at how careful the other kids were of E in the jumping castle. She LOVED it.
And here’s a random picture of C writing with E on her pad.

And, since I’m sure you all are SO interested in what I’m doing, I’ll post some pictures of my latest swap creation – the Natural Beauty Basket. All handmade, it contains; goatsmilk soap, lotion bar, spa soak, and a brown sugar scrub. I’m having fun creating these and perfecting my recipes. With E’s (and my, unfortunately) excema, I’ve been rushed to find a perfect lotion recipe. When the excema gets bad, I have a medicated cream to use on me – but I wanted a perfect lotion to moisturize my skin so the excema doesn’t get bad! I think I found it. I know we’re luck though because we have mild cases of excema.

The Political Part of This Post – skip if you want

Obama came to Denver Sunday, October 26, 2008 and I am pleased to report that E has attended her first political rally! Ok. So we couldn’t see anything. And we could barely hear – but we were THERE. To see history. Whether or not he wins. They say that over 100,000 people were there. It was amazing. E spent most of the time on Papa’s shoulders- and some of it in my arms. We had to walk forever to get to the park. There was NO parking. But it was a great thing to go to. Here’s some of what we saw.


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