Crabappling and more

We went crabappling. (Is that a word?) We rode our bikes down to the crabappling spot and picked them. We were supposed to process them…. that didn’t happen.
Here is E eating a carrot from our garden on our porch.
E’s favorite toy? Her box. We have a box in front of the book area and E loves to grab book and read in it. The other option is to grab the box, pull it to where mama and papa are and read the books there!

Who loves to fix thing! E is putting together our futon in the picture.
E getting ready for school… I stole her backpack for myself.

E is a great eater. She loves to eat. But she’s also fickle. Some mornings she’ll eat 2 eggs – other’s she’ll snub her nose at anything. Here, she’s eaten all of her egg and is about to go for ours!


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