Update with Pictures

June 6 2008 was my birthday. I chose the zoo. So we hopped on our bikes and trekked the 5 miles or so there. It was an experience. Once again, E. was not too thrilled about her helmet. Here we are taking a breather in a park on our way home (there are parks EVERYWHERE in Denver!)

And I got salmon and corn on the cob! Except E ate all my corn. We didn’t get her one because we didn’t think she’d eat it. We were wrong!
E. in the church garden. Don’t you just love that look!
E and I at a birthday party for our neighbor. He turned 2. They are so cute together. C was so excited to actually be able to go to one of the kid’s parties – he’s always working and can’t go. This one was in the morning and he loved being able to play with the kids. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that. 😦
E. dessicrating our plants. STOP EATING THEM!!!

Wanna see our garden? http://www.freedomgardeners.org/captivatedlife/albums/

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