Early Garden

We are going hard-core on our “garden” this year. We are having a ton of fun. We’re doing it as frugally as possible – some of the seeds/ pants are from church, a few of the pots are from BigLots but most of the pots are from Chris’ work. Once we get settled in (from moving) I’m planning on sewing “sleeves” for the pots from Chris’ work.

Here is C. helping E. plant sugar snap peas.
E. and I filling a container – it will have edible flowers once I go to the store.
Our tomatoes, 2 salad / spring mixes, basil, thyme, rosemary. And fertilizer! We’red going to do 2 more containers of salad greens and move the herbs to a cute mini couch for them.
Hanging pots. There will be 4. One cherry tomato plant. One sugar snap peas, 2 edible flower mixes.

Down there will be a container with sweet peppers, one with jalapenos, and ??? carrots, radishers, squash. I have seed for all those (free from church!)


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