Ben and Jess’ wedding

Before the trip – outside waiting for the shuttle.
Isn’t she just the cutest? She made a new friend at out gate – he was cute too.
M and E
M stole Aunt Katie’s ice cream cone. Yum.
Papa Jim and E’s first meeting.

A picture of C and K – rehearsal dinner. We had a lovely time.E. and M. at the wedding. Both as cute as a pair of buttons.
Laura B playing with the cousins.
E. running around in the grass. I love her cute dress.
Aunt Lori playing with Maddy. I can’t tell who had the biggest smile – but they are both pretty!
A nice shot. The back of Ben’s head and Jess’ pretty smile (just kidding Ben).
I love grass shots of little babes. This is a cute one of little M.
E and her papa. They are adorable together.
Maddy and Papa Jim. He looks so happy to be spending time with her.
A beautiful shot of Mom, Mike and Maddy. Hey, all M’sBack at the airport on the way home. Peek-a-boo mommy.
Grrr. What we came home to.

Can you tell I was ecstatic to see my niece? I think we took some great pictures of everyone. Enjoy – we did.


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