This has been a wonderful week. All week it has been warm – late 50’s or so. We’ve been enjoying “picnic lunches” just down our stairway. Looks like Punxsutawney was wrong this year (knock on wood). We’ve been enjoying long walks on the beach… er, I mean side streets! One place we walked to this week was to the eye doctor – they had our glasses in!

Here we are in our trendy new glasses. Not that I care about trendy or new (*cough, cough*) but they were completely covered. So what can I say?

We enjoyed thinking about summer this week, dreaming of our wonderful farmer’s market. It truly is one of the best (little) farmer’s markets I’ve ever been to. The Pearl Street Farmers Market does all the things that a farmers market should – it has live music, all-purpose fruit and veggie stalls, cheap organic all-purpose fruit and veggies, high end specialty items (roasted peppers, jams, etc), crafty items, and soaps, candles, knit good etc. Along with tons of restaurants. The only thing I miss about Phoenix markets (other than the fact that they are year round) is the fact that this one doesn’t have an area for sitting and just people watching. Or dancing. No one dances.

Oh well.

And, since this was too cute to pass up, I’ll leave you with this.

Dental hygiene starts early!


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