So last night E. decided to wake up and grace us with 2.5 hours of her presence. At 1 am. And church started an hour earlier starting this week. Not a good combination.

I’m exhausted.

But, as always, I look on the bright side. I got some great pictures of E with her papa. Here they are.

Sometimes, when you’re tired, all you want are hugs.

She drinks out of a cup! She’s about 50-50 with holding it – sometimes she wants to do it herself, and sometimes, she just wants to actually drink the water!

Look at how happy and safe she is in her papa’s arms!

We watched a stupid comedy that C. highly recommends – I’m not posting the title here for fear of becoming the laughing stock of the family! And count your blessings you didn’t see any pictures of me – in the middle of the night I (read, my hair!) don’t look my best.

I’m going to bed. Wish me a good night!


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