So, today was a long day. I should be in bed, but I figured I’d update the blog first! Today, Evangeline and I finally met up with one of the women that I met when we first moved here. I was being a wimp and nayed the idea of meeting up at a park – hey, doesn’t Cherry Creek Mall have an indoor play center, I cajoled. And we ended up meeting there.

It was crazy. There were a million kids, a million families. Huge 12 year olds, tiny 9 month olds. And everything was nuts. Here are some pictures.

C. getting E. ready to go. Even though he had to go to work 😦
All the play center equipment were in the shapes of breakfast food.

E’s first real try at sharing. I’m assuming it’s going to take a while….
Awwww. Hugs.

And, after an exhausting day, I come home, pull out my sewing machine and sew up 8 pairs of leggings. Two are going for a birthday present tomorrow, but the rest are E’s. Leggings are easy, they just take a bit of time. Each of the edges are zig-zag-ed as I don’t have a serger. These leggings are remarkably useful- E wears a pair just about every day of the year. In the winter, we put the on under her pants to keep her warmer. In the summer, she goes around in just a pair of leggings and a shirt. At home, they take the place of pants and she wears them around the house – They are wonderful!


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