Ah. The baptism. The baptism took place on Sunday, Jan 13, the first Sunday after Epiphany, which is also the celebration of the baptism of Christ. So this was a very special baptism. E. and C. were baptized together (well, C’s baptism was accepted into the Episcopal church). Here are a few pictures. It was lovely – but it is dark in the church so we didn’t get that many great pictures.

As you can see, E. enjoyed throwing everything out of her diaperbag – at the egging on of the priest! We go to the best church ever!

And just to pat myself on the back, I’m going to let everyone know that I made her cape and her hat. We were lucky to get pictures of her in the hat at all – she hates hats. But she wore this one for about half the service! Yeah! And what’s up with that dress?! Well, little E. is now walking – a baptism dress does NOT work for walkers. So I made her a belt to hold the dress up. Not a permanent solution, but one that worked!


Here we go. CLICK HERE for a larger version.


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