It has been a busy little while! With Christmas, E’s birthday, E’s baptism, and all the other work / home related events (including both C. and I getting so sick we missed work!) I’ve been neglecting the blog. But don’t feel too bad – I’ve been neglecting a lot of things! I finally got out our Christmas cards and thank you cards are going in the mail tomorrow! But I’m back on track!

Christmas was great. We went to Idaho and had a blast. E and I got to meet a lot of extended family, eat a lot of food (not a lot of it good for us! Hooray!), and we found a new favorite game, called The Great Dalmuti which can be found at specialty game stores. We got to visit my Aunt Linda who lives right outside of Boise – what a great coincidence (who just suffered a massive stroke. Keep her in your thoughts and prayers). We enjoyed quiet time to just relax, which was very nice. We are very grateful to have been able to make it to Idaho.

Here’s some pictures

CLICK HERE for a larger version


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