wow, I’m doing great here – 2 posts in one day!!!

I’m so excited. C and I got a little bit of money from family AND a very unexpected check from my old work around Christmas this year so we decided to buy ourselves a bed. We went to Sears first, and excitedly started checking out their beds. The mattresses themselves were 1400, 1500, 1600… more than we were planning on spending for mattress, box springs and frame.

I was devastated. No bed for us. 😦

We decided to look around some more. Ok. Great. Well, we found a decent bed at Mattress King for $668. I guess that’s great for a king bed. But it was only decent. It was too soft really, you could see why it was so cheap – but we were excited because yes! We were going to be able to buy a bed. We just were going to have to sleep with the bed on the floor. That was fine. We were getting a KING bed. We could buy a frame later.

C. has to go to work now and I go to the Mattress King outlet with E. Needless to say there wasn’t anything there in our price range. By now, I’m cranky, hungry and E. isn’t too happy either. I’m driving home and I see a little Mom and Pop shop that says “Mattresses”. I see an accident that has been pulled into the parking lot on my way in but think nothing of it. Well, I should have thought something of it. I turn into the parking lot and see that they have taken up all the parking lot. The only way out of the parking lot is to back up the hill I had just came down. Only… the hill is covered with snow and it’s been warm the past few days so that snow is now ice. I try backing up, but get nowhere. To top it off, a tow truck drives up behind me and is just as stuck as I am.

I decided to make the best of it and pull as close the the building as I can, turn off my car and go to tell the police lady that I’ll be in the mattress store. Only, she chews me out and tells me, in no uncertain terms, that I should not have entered the parking lot under any circumstances. Didn’t I see the accident. She cuts off my I didn’t realize they were taking up the whole driving area with a whithering look and mutters something under her breath. I’m just short of crying as I enter the store. I can’t leave, E. is bawling and this lady chews me out for something I have no control over. Okay. I’ll just make the best of it. I go in the store and find someone to talk to. And he has a king mattress for me. A $1000-$1500 mattress (depending on where you go!) for $368! Score! And a platform frame for $229.

AND it’s a bed we love.

Wow. That was a long post. Can’t you tell I’m excited!


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