So we made it through Turkey day. You know, the day we celebrate hard work and friendship before we decided to get greedy and want to kill everyone off…..


And we have a lot to be thankful for this year. A roof over our heads good food to eat, a great turkey and tons of yummy sides! The only dish I did not make from scratch this year was the stuffing. And this is a side not to everyone – I have been cooking years longer than C! I have had year of experience – I started learning since I was 16. I make almost all the food we eat, including bread on a twice monthly basis. I bake almost all our snacks, make wonderful soups and warming casseroles. I roasted plenty of chickens in my life and enjoy learning new things. Ok of soapbox. I just had so many people kinda go blankly silent into the phone when the heard that I was cooking. Heaven forbid. C.’s been cooking for 2 years and suddenly everyone sings his praises. Not that I’m jealous or anything!!! 🙂I loved everything we did and had a lot of fun. Sat. C, E, and I went to Whole Foods to pick up 10 lbs of ground beef(at about half what we normally pay!), went home and watched movies. It was definately fun!

E. enjoyed her first Thanksgiving, but I think she is yamed out now. She is refusing to eat them, she ate so many!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!


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