This has been a great week: Fall Break for me!!!! As I sit here and blog, E. is busy eating away at my shoe. Great.

Ok. Much better, she has a crochet hook now!

I’ve been busy crafting this week – I finished my part of a craft swap and finally sent them out. I normally send them out a week or so early…. this time I did it the Friday before the Monday due date. They turned out great though – check out my craft blog!

And what you all actually want….

C waiting to get apples… in the snow!

E. eating those apples…. Her new favorite pastime

We don’t get too many smiling pictures – here she is laughing her heart out with C.

I’ve found a new craft – canning! I mean, dying yarn. It’s another use for a canning pot… We’ll see how it comes out! Can you tell I’m excited!


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