It snowed!

We found a leak in our window…. we have no insulation because they are redoing the siding on our apartment…

But anyways!

Amidst the tea, cocoa and beef (pork actually, C. told me) stew, we’ve been thinking about Christmas. We know you ALL want to know some of what’s been going on in our minds (hehehe)so here are some of our thoughts:

Anything handmade! Craft your heart out.
Wanna renew our Costco membership? It’s not up til later in the year, but hey – we use Costco religiously, so we’d love that.
A French press for coffee

And little E. We are so looking forward to her first Christmas. I doubt she’ll remember anything, but with all the safety issues coming out lately, here’s a website that shows some proven safe toys.

I know it’s a bit early for “Christmas lists”, so this isn’t REALLY one – it’s just a couple of ideas of what’s in our mind right now. Happy (early) holidays!


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