So, we’ve been really bad about updating the blog. BUT we have a freezer full of veggies, many, many bags of freezer meals to just pop out and microwave, a whole slew of toys for e. (handmade for me, or I handmade something and swapped for it!) and I’m still trying to get crafts done for Christmas.


E.’s favorite toy is the mirror on the wall. She stands up to it, places her face on it, gets ready to kiss it, and talks to her double. She taps (read: punches and scrapes) the door next to her as she smiles and laughs. She can easily wile away 10 minutes in this seemingly narcissistic pursuit.It is too cute.

She’s not ready to walk yet, but she enjoys using furniture to ‘walk’ where she wants to go. Church is an interesting endevor – she enjoys singing with us during music time so much she doesn’t want to stop when the readings or lesson starts! We are so blessed with our church – we get admonished if we bring her out – kids are a part of the church! (Duh – as it should be!) I go to the knitting group at church and am thinking about joining their bookgroup. I heart my church!

Some recent pictures

This was taken at a lactivism event we went to. Who wants nummies – E. would rather eat a poster!

E. and C. at the church garden picking herbs. E tried her first bite of fresh oregano that day. It’s so cute to see baby and papa enjoying the herbs together. We now have bags of fresh herbs – hopefully enough to get us through the winter!

C. and E. at our local Oktoberfest. Small, but fun. I went while I was in Germany, and was expecting a little more… it was nice to enjoy it for everything it was.

E and I at Oktoberfest!

Elf or gnome??? E. wrapped to mama in a new / free wrap. I love Denver!


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