So, I got the job working at the preschool! I’m so excited! I will be working 21 hours a week – which is plenty with E. nursing and such. I am so excited to be getting out of the house, plus, I think C. is excited to be getting me out of the house! This means, that papa and daughter have plenty of time to spend together. I’ll let him tell more about his plans later. C. is doing a wonderful job, though, of entertaining E. while I’m gone. He’s taken over her musical education, and she LOVES it!

News on the homefront. We are partaking in a massive, decluttering, organizing, and simplifying endeavor. We’ve decided, if we want E. to grow up simply, we need to simplify our lives. I have one big box of items to sell, and paper grocery sacks of things to throw away. It’s hard – but do I really need 2 copies of every photo I’ve ever taken? Or coffee receipts from 4 years ago?



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