This week

This has been one of those weeks where you are like “Ok, God, what else?”. And He looks down and decides to hit you with lightening!

But it’s getting better. So if you were effected by it, know the storm’s passing.

I hope!

Anyways, Evangeline started sitting up on her own Thursday, August 9th. That’s what the last video was. She could sit on her own before – that was the day, she first pushed herself into sitting position. One week later, Friday August 17th, she was pulling herself into standing position. Oh my. What am I going to do? If I leave her in the officery by herself, she will crawl out of the room to try to find me. So if I leave to turn laundry, I have to sneak out.

Funny child! And, my all time favorite thing she does – she will wine/ grab for poppa. When he’s home, that’s who she wants (unless she’s hungry!) I swear – it makes my heart! She is definitely a daddy’s girl. And of course, he’s powerless to resist her!

I’ll try to post a pic or video soon!


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