E. got her first real “meal” – outside of nummies, of course – today. We have been giving her little bits of whatever we were eating (things like zucchini that are soft) for a couple of weeks now but decided that she was ready for REAL food.

Per Kellymom, signs that show baby is ready for food

  • Baby can sit up well without support. Check
  • Baby has lost the tongue-thrust reflex and does not automatically push solids out of his mouth with his tongue. Check
  • Baby is ready and willing to chew. Got it!
  • Baby is developing a “pincer” grasp, where he picks up food or other objects between thumb and forefinger. Using the fingers and scraping the food into the palm of the hand (palmar grasp) does not substitute for pincer grasp development. Well, not quite…
  • Baby is eager to participate in mealtime and may try to grab food and put it in his mouth. I can no longer eat if she’s on my lap! It’s all hers!

So yesterday, C. steamed up some carrot spears and E. had a couple for breakfast. She was too cute! I’m hoping to get the video up tonight, but for now I’ll post a couple of pictures. And the most interesting part of this – her diaper 10 hours later!

Ahhh motherhood!
mmmmm…… more? please…maybe there’s more on my bib… YUM!


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