I love Denver!!!! E. and I have been out and about so much that this last weekend I put my foot down and said we were just going to stay home all week…. but there was the Monday playgroup, and Tuesday C. and I visited a fabric store and Babies R Us, Wednesday brought the fact that our car needed to see a doctor and today I had to make ANOTHER trip to BRU!….not to mention me looking for a job!

Some highlights from this month:

I went to a LLL meeting and found loads of support there just on mothering issues – not to mention the fact that I got to meet some of the women I’d been talking to online for months! I really suggest trying to meet people before moving – C. and I have recommendations on everything from doctors to mechanics! Another place I have been meeting people through is Meetup.com. C. and I are both using it so it’s not like it’s a girl/mom thing only.

At one of my LLL meetings I got to give a demonstration on how to use a sling! E. loves her sling and I must say that I can actually DO things around the house with her in it! Here’s a picture of E in her sling – and C making breakfast for us. Yum!!!

I’m still looking for a job, exhausting the work at home before I start looking outside the home.


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