E. is officially crawling! Or actually scooting is the CORRECT term for it. Head to the bed, bum in the air, Go!

She made multiple rounds on the bed tonight as I played online and C. read his book. I offered to trade him, give him the computer for his book, but he didn’t want to trade. 😦

We went to the Cherry Creek Arts Festival today and had a blast. C. and E. got a little red… (yes, E. was wearing her hat. Yes, I’ve put aloe on it. Yes, she’s ok. Chill). We got food (I ate goat! Yum! and C. was not adventurous – he had a hamburger) and saw so much art. If I had a million dollars.. I’ll post later on the artists that I liked. It was an amazing event. E. loved being out looking at the art. Every time we’ve taken her to see art, she’s gotten so thoughtful and I am so
excited to be introducing her to art. I’m going to get her some fingerpaints soon. It’ll be fun to
see the look on her face as she plays with squish stuff!

Anyways, it’s late so here’s a picture:

That’s E. looking at her papa with adoring eyes. she had just been eating her dress while he gave her a diaper change and then she decided to pull out all the stops and REALLY smile at him. We love her so much!


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