Well, I got a photobucket site up for our family – I made it password protected. I figured, if I plan on uploading pictures of E along with pictures of the cousins, I need something a little safer.

I can upload pictures pretty much straight from photobucket!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!! Here’s one that I think is cute. I love the serious expressions on her face. I think she is too cute! This is a pretty easy to use system for changing pictures and such – nice!

E has been sleeping for the past hour – taking a much needed nap – and I have been setting up another blog to showcase what I’m doing with her each day. I’m having a hard time getting used to being at home with her ALL DAY so I’m writing a to do list each day of what I’d like to get done. I’ve hit most of the developmental areas (tactile, movement, visual, auditory, etc) so I’m headed at this much more seriously that I probably need to. I’m worried though about not spending enough time with her – I can seriously plop her on my lap and tap away at the keyboard and not think anything of it. (I know – how horrible am I! That’s why I have the list….)

Now I have to go change – E and I are going to see C at work! Dinner as a family….. I’ve forgotten what that is!


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